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Media Releases

The Oticon Foundation works to break down the stigma of hearing loss. Part of this involves communicating about the latest hearing research in mainstream and targeted media.

To date we have sent the media releases on the following topics: (to view the PDF-files Adobe Acrobat can be downloaded free of charge here)

  2017 Report measures economic cost of hearing loss
  2015 Hearing loss impacts healthy aging
  2015 Significant grant allows continuation of University of Canterbury research into preventing hearing loss
  2015 Oticon Foundation grants support New Zealand Sign Language
  2014 Early detection and intervention of hearing impairment is key to a babyís language and social development
  2014 Local audiologist selected for educational trip
  2014 Professor Chuck Berlin speaks at NZAS conference
  Foundation grants support projects promoting Human Rights of Deaf and Hearing Impaired
  2013 New research reveals secondary school teachers' sensitivity to noise
  2013 March media release
  2012 February media release
  2011 DAW Victoria University wins Research Grant looking at solutions for noisy classrooms
  2011 31 March deadline for support for projects to help the lives of the hearing impaired
  2010 Help at hand for projects focussed on New Zealandís biggest disability
  2009 Significant Grant Allows University of Canterbury to investigate prevention of Hearing Loss
  2009 Time running out to apply for funding to improve the lives of the hearing impaired
  2008 Is going to the gym bad for your hearing?
  2008 DAW Pacific Children with Hearing Loss Targeted
  2008 Caution for New Zealand Newborn Screening Programme
  2008 Audiologist Wins Research Award
  2008 Call for Grants
  2007 DAW Turn It Down!
  2006 DAW Maori Booklets
  2006 DAW bedside hearing signs
  2005 Affordability major Issue for people considering Hearing Aids
  2004 Classroom Research Finds Sound-Field Helps Learning
  2001 DAW Men suffer more from Hearing Loss
  2001 Reaching for the stars
  2001 Genetic Hearing Loss - New Frontiers in Treatment
  2001 Breakthrough aids profoundly deaf
  2000 DAW Sponsorship for better community hearing
  2000 DAW Hearing Joy Restored at Rest Home
  2000 Classrooms fail noise test
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