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The Oticon Foundation has a long history of sponsoring research in New Zealand and the visits of overseas researchers. To find out more about the research view the pdf-files below:

ANZCED Conference: Experiences of Deaf Students within New Zealand Tertiary Institutions (Dr Denise Powell)

Research Symposium: Experiences of New Zealand Deaf Students (Dr Denise Powell)

HTANZ Tinnitus Workshop 2014

Deaf students experiences of Tertiary Education (Dr Denise Powell)

NFD visit report: RNID Action on Hearing Loss (UK) and Deafness Forum of Australia (DFA)

Victoria University: Postgraduate Diploma in Sign Language Interpreting

University of Canterbury research

August 2014 Update
March 2013 Update
February 2012 Update
February 2011 Update

Classroom sound field systems

Classroom Sound Field Amplification, Listening And Learning, 2007 (Dr Michael Heeney)
Creating Enhanced Learning Environments - The benefits of Soundfield Amplification Systems February 2004
Paremata School Research 1997

Incidence of Hearing Loss (Dr Anne Greville)

Hearing Impaired and Deaf People March 2005
Hearing Impaired and Deaf People October 2001
Population Summary September 2001

Take a look at the website: www.grevilleconsulting.co.nz

Classroom Acoustics

Victoria University, Sound Concepts, Report 2012
Victoria University, Sound Concepts, Poster 2012
Victoria University, Sound Concepts, Summary 2012
Victoria University, Sound Concepts, Research outline 2011
Classroom Acoustics Research June 2002
Classroom Acoustics, Summary June 2002

Services for Hearing Impaired Children

Professor Luterman Report June 2002

The University of Auckland

2013 OFHEC Activities 2003-2013
2013 OFHEC Report
2013 OFHEC Symposium Report
2012 OFHEC Report
2010 OFHEC Report
2008 OFHEC Report
2007 OFHEC Report

Proceedings of Tinnitus Discovery

The Oticon Foundation helps fund the Oticon Foundation Hearing Education Centre at the University of Auckland. The Centre works on research and provides seminars to help improve the lives of the hearing impaired. Visit its website at www.fmhs.auckland.ac.nz

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